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Hello and a huge warm welcome back!

To catch up on the last 6 months, hear about what it was like to watch the BE HERE NOW film and finally reconnect after too long, grab yourself a glass of water, click the link below and wait patiently for a few seconds, as the first of the #ISAY posts launches yet another chapter into the wonderful exploration of LIFE, LOVE and LEGACY with Maybe McQueen.

In this section of the site, you will find an ever-evolving weave of my own personal and professional insights, influenced by the often colourful life lessons that present themselves so abundantly in my day-to-day. These posts will be a collaborative mix of professional development tips, tricks and tools that structure my thinking and support my clients as they take their own personal and professional lives to the next level, and inspiring stories shared by our guest contributors who share my belief that collective learning is far more insightful and empowering than a journey walked alone!

I challenge you to take the time and make the effort to post your own personal insights along the way, as you never know when YOU might be the one making a difference in somebody’s life!  It’s great to have you here. Nothing but love…




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  • Laz

    Welcome back always missing your posts ,I can imagen all the mix emotions watching the film of Andy . but I can wait to see it and continue learning from your strong sense of life . lots of love xxxx

  • Carolyjavi

    Thank you thank you Vashti!! Welcome back!! We have missed you, but it has been sooooo wonderful to hear you again!! Anything is possible….thanks for reminding it to me!!! Good luck in UK and have a gorgeous time with the cubs and family. Nothing but love from Spain

  • Naomi McMillon Duvall

    Finally your back!!! I have missed your blog so much!!

  • Madeleine

    Welcome back! I love the speaking feature you have added and can’t wait for more! XXX

  • Rivke

    Thanks for taking some time to share with us. Good to get updated and see what journey you are embarking on next.
    Love and gratitude.

  • lucyfr

    So much going on for you, you keep living life to the full and I hope everything falls into place for you, you deserve it!! Next to my Mum coping with losing our Dad when we were little I think you are the next most inspirational women I have ever met!! Nothing but nothing takes you down. Andy IS so proud of you all Vashti, he is somewhere close 😉 “Just around the corner, all is welll…” Xxx

  • Stephen

    Hi Vashti,
    How incredibly wonderful to hear your inspiring voice again. Thank you for the message and sounding so inspired over what has been going on in your life (and what an amazing journey that I want to continue with you) over the past 6 months.
    I am so glad that you are back, with lots of items on your plate. You’ll be quite a busy woman between being a mom, to those incredible children, your book which I can’t wait, reaching out to those of us in USA, and maintenance of Maybemcqueen website.
    I know you can’t release more information on the distribution of the film BeHereNow, nor it’s mechanics of distribution worldwide and other details, I can’t wait to see in some form so that I may purchase the film on perhaps DVD. I am sure I will be in a roller coaster of emotions while watching the documentary, as I am getting to know how you and Andy interacted on a daily basis, based on the posts and discussions you have on Spreecast, youtube, blogs, and other forms of media that you utilized.
    Oh how I’ve missed your incredible voice resonating with awe inspiring words of encouragement through you experiences, that have helped me deal with my own journey. I use and share your encouraging words of wisdom with other people and it’s helped them.
    I wait in anticipation from your trip to London with Jesse and Indigo, to hear more and the relaunch of Maybemcqueen. I can’t wait to hear, see, and share what you have in store for all of us.
    Happy travels, safe trip to you and your amazing family
    Until your return, hugs

  • Karina Marques

    Beautiful message … it’s great to have you back. I felt really miss their messages, which give not only a lesson in love but also give motivation to continue walking. Be welcome back and a big kiss for you.

  • Trisha

    Thank you Vashti. I’ve been struggling lately. I don’t feel fulfilled in any aspect of my life. While I’m working on myself and trying to be that person I want to be, I feel as though I’m floundering–overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin, procrastinating. My struggle is mostly with my career. I feel as though I am wearing a life that doesn’t fit me. I keep thinking I need to step outside the box and outside of my comfort zone to find that career that will help me to feel fulfilled and like I’m reaching my potential. The problem is, I don’t know what that is. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get me motivated and, as always, for putting things into perspective. #beherenow

  • Amandine Miya

    Welcome back Vashti! How great it is to come back here ans to here your beautiful voice. As always, you share so much with us with wise and inspiring words so thank you.
    I will start thinking you’re an amazing wizard because you are always there in time for me! ^^
    Spend a fabulous time with your lovely cubs, family and friends in London ( so near!) anfd waiting for your return and to hear and read everything about your projects and inspiring words again.

    Amandine Miya (my computer doesn’t want to log in!)

  • Kristin

    so good to hear your voice again as it arrived at a time where encouragement is needed. thank you so much for sharing your journey vashti. congrats on your many achievements as they are truly inspirational. your sharing has a way of allowing me to get out of my head and gives me a reminder that my world can change but – courage is required. i identify with you being a parent who has the dual responsibility of being a mother and a father. your words and fortitude encourage me to not default to a place of despair as I’m always reminded to look ahead, to open my mind (and heart) to the many possibilities of what could be if i take the time to shift my focus. your blog is a favorite that i’ve missed. so happy it’s up again.

  • Susan Mangan

    Welcome back lady!! missed ya!! xx

  • Elizabeth Boomars

    Welcome back Vashti!! Ready for a new adventure:-)

  • mimi81

    welcome back Vashti! So happy to see your post and you updates on FB. I can’t seem to get the link to work, so i haven’t listened to this update; hopefully it will work later, but in the meantime wishing you all the best! sending you love and light, and carpediem :-)

  • mimi81

    yey! got to listen to the link :) thank you so much for the updates and so so happy that this is a time of re-adjusting to the inner tune(s) and inner resonnance(s)…we forget to do that so often. We’ve missed you so much and it’s just great to hear from you and your epic journeying through this chapter in your lives. All the best in the UK, loads of love <3

  • Pamela Horowitz

    I am listening and blown away and so very excited to read and hear your words in the present of what is 2015 and what is now 2016.
    Today I Found your website and at first sight
    did not see these recent posts and am very
    grateful to see!! I feel so much gratitude in how
    generous you are in sharing your light and in
    this you help us see how that it is possible and
    that life is beyond all that is thought of and all that is. Thank You both, I have to say both, because you have both brought an awareness that I had known of and felt inside…but now have this feeling solidified and a shift that is
    felt profoundly, abundantly and smiling thru

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