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There are and always will be those days that you will wake filled with the joys of all that is possible in your life, where you are able to jump out of bed, feeling positively inspired by pretty much anything that the day, week or even month, promises. You are able shrug off minor annoyances, shake your head at your own foolishness for having gotten a parking ticket and even find yourself giving an extra smile to the insanely rude guy, grunting in the coffee line, who is clearly far worse off than you, on this particular day.

However the truth of the matter is, that for most us, there are many more days where we find ourselves having to work extra hard to see over that rather frustrating wall of negativity that now seems to be rudely blocking our view.
We begin shifting our focus from the picturesque horizon and without even realising it, begin to pay special attention to the shape, texture and size of our wall, as we accidentally and very much innocently, with the extraordinary power of our focus, build it yet another foot higher.
The first step to feeling a thousand times better on a day to day basis, is to acknowledge the fact that it is what you are thinking and the way you are thinking about it, that is actually the route of the problem and whilst you might be dealing with some pretty challenging things going on in your life, it is the quality of your thought that is either working for you or against you and believe me it’s pretty obvious by the way you are feeling, as to which one it is.
The second great step, whilst knowing it’s still there for the time being, is to take and make the time to look beyond the wall. Think about what it is that you would like to see if your view was clear. What you might be doing, how you might be feeling and who you might be spending more time with. Perhaps even enlist some help here too, by spending time doing something, or hanging out with someone, who will inspire you to think a different set of thoughts and therefore begin to feel a different way. For me friends, writing and being out in the sunshine, instantly shift my thinking and therefore far more capable of dismantling my wall brick by brick, with my eye once again on the horizon.
The third and final step is to know that as human beings with are creatures of habit. And just as the saying goes, ‘Old habits die hard.’ so too does our extraordinary ability to recognise when we are just in a habit of negative thinking around a specific area of our lives, which does not necessarily mean that it is the truth of the situation.
So take a big deep breath in and out, shift your gaze upwards, stand on your tips toes if you have to and reconnect with what life looks like beyond the wall.
If you’d like a little extra inspiration in how to get back up and get back out there, make sure you re- visit  the 8 week manifestation challenge sitting within the Live and Learn section.
Nothing but love…
  • Laz

    This post fit me perfectly in this moment of my life, I just took a very important decision which for me is bitter sweet but was necessary. reading you post make me feel better ,much better ,thank you very much once more , you are a great human being . lots of love .

  • Sally T.

    Love this analogy, Vashti. Probably a lot of us build whole houses. Or bombshelters that we have to crawl out of just to get to a wall! I hear what you’re saying about our thoughts and that we are responsible for the quality of what we create with them. So, since we ARE the actual architects/builders of our thoughts, it seems to me it would be just as easy, and better serving, to build steps or maybe a door moving forward. Really inspiring!

    • Beyond

      Be here now premiere?

  • Kristin

    I think for me, I really need to take time looking beyond the wall…even if it means making an appointment with myself to do so. I can fill my day so easily with “to do” things pushing away the opportunity to be creative and confronting that which is keeping me stuck. I appreciate the post, thank you. Welcome back home.

  • Greg

    I just wanted to wish Vashti a Happy Mothers Day (belated). My wife and I were praying that Andy would have pulled through the fight of his life during his fight and it took us some time to fully grip the idea of what your experiences were like and we both were shocked, sad, upset, emotional and just wanted him to live. Andy was Sparticus and in my mind he was the most prefect person to play the role. No one could surpass his acting skills or his passion for that role. We could not even watch the show after his last season since we could not bare to see anyone in that role. It was heart breaking to my wife and I. Whenever Be Here Now is completed and in the theaters or for sale then we will be watching it. Andy would be proud of Vashti and the kids as they grow sine I’m a father of a little girl (3 years old) and I was born 09/10/71 but I could never forget his passing or the date. We will never forget his passion for that role. He is now with the gods and Zeus would be proud of him. Sorry for rambling but he was an inspiration to me and I know in my heart that his soul is happy and watching down on Vash. Have a good day!

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