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As I ran the soft sand beside yet another incredible Bondi sunrise, panting somewhat like a small Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I found myself caught in a thought and wonderfully lost in the reflection of yet another significant date and day in my life.

As my toes sank into the sand and I waved for the hundredth time to a familiar face, one I’ve run past for much of my adult life, I thought back to the night before and the brilliant synchronicity and alignment of just who was floating around town on this very special day: my thirteenth wedding anniversary and the sixteenth year since Andy and I began our epic journey together.

….As I sat at the table, I savoured the buzz of a family unexpectedly and raucously reuniting for an impromptu dinner with their creative force of a son who had flown home to honour his work commitments and sink his toes into a moment of Sydney grounded-ness. I watched as my beautiful son, with the face of a man and the gentle heart of a soul who is wise beyond his years, tentatively scan the landscape surrounding him. And as I observed these two young pups, both men of different ages, eyes transfixed, trying ever so tenderly to honour the very unexpected roles passed on to each of them with the departure of a father, a son and a friend, I found myself on Dec 1, 2014, my wedding anniversary of thirteen years, brimming with the most tremendous sense of pride, insight and just enormous gratitude for the seeing, feeling and hearing of the legacy living on in front of me .

As I removed myself from their conversation in an attempt to feel more than to think, I found myself filled with the most amazing sense of clarity. And as I watched these two young men of vastly different ages try so hard to support each other after having been so unexpectedly thrown into a pivotal role that will enable the other to thrive, I thought yet again of just how remarkable life and loss really are. That is, if you are willing to openly accept that everything is as it is and all that it can be.

As I walked through the door, home from the beach, my phone rang. Her little voice shook with tenderness and I was filled with an overwhelming desire to hold this beautiful woman and loving mummy in my deepest embrace, as she selflessly and vulnerably wished me ‘happy anniversary.’

“It’s a sad day but a good day,” she said.

It was a good day.

Thank you beautiful Andy for all that you were, all that you are and all that you always will be, for anyone lucky enough to have had you flutter into their lives. And thank you magnificent Australia for the sixteen year  love affair that is still going strong.

  • Susan_Mangan

    Good to have you post again Vashti; and a beautiful one it is too. Happy anniversary lady!! x

  • Patricia J Tibbits

    Much love and gratitude to you Vashti! Welcome back and Happy Anniversary xo #BeHereNow #OnlyOneLife In memory of Andy, always… x

  • Serena Fanti

    Happy anniversary my sweetest friend enjoy your moment of gratitude in your beautiful Australia and think about your husband and his legacy
    Have a good day


  • Irene

    Happy anniversary Vashti, your beautiful soul never seizes to inspire me. :)

  • Kate

    Vashti hello, here in Poland today is December 1, all the best for you and the young. As always your post and photos put me in a good mood. You are my support, role model, so you try to be a better person. NOTHING BUT LOVE

  • Rivke

    Happy Anniversary to you Vashti, and to Andy.
    Glad you and the cubs are doing well.
    I miss you and your guiding words, but when you do post boy oh boy do you hit me right in the feelz. 😉
    Blessed Be!

  • Missy Desiree

    Happy Anniversary From America beautiful soul. <3

  • didivella

    Happy Anniversary Vashti!! Hugs and love from Canada!! You inspire me more than you know!!

  • Stephen

    Hi Vashti, What an awesome photo of Jesse and Jai. Truly great words today. Happy Anniversary from my deepest and dearest heart to you and Andy. What a treasured post. Yes, these 2 young men from different ages, and now different roles. Yes, Thank you Andy for all that you were. Deeply missed.

  • Marina Bonifacio

    It ‘s so nice to hear from you again! Happy Anniversary Vashti! And happy new month. May December bring all the best that you and cubs deserve! Love from Italy, Marina.

  • Elizabeth Boomars

    Happy Anniversary!! Today, you inspired me!! A big hug from Holland

  • Penny Douglas

    Happy Anniversary Vashti. :) <3

  • Terri

    Good to hear from you again Vashti..I run out of special words to say to you..special words to describe your special words. I wish you continued hope in all the tomorrows yet to come, and continued peace in the days that have passed by.

  • Natalia

    Happy anniversary!! You will be together forever! Naty from Uruguay

  • Guest

    good wish you all the best the world has to offer to you.

  • Mauro Delia

    happy anniversary… Wish you all the best the world has to offer to you.

  • michelbarreau

    Merci et bon anniversaire vashti

  • Phillis-USA

    So glad to see you back. Miss your posts so much!

  • Gina Thompson

    Happy Anniversary Vashti and Andy, and happy holidays to you Vashti and your beautiful cubs. Keep on keeping on….

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