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There are many of us that are passionate about a cause, passionate about where change needs to happen, passionate about finding a way to make a difference. But there are only a few courageous enough to get off their bums and actually do something. This is one cool little piece on how to grow one seed into a magnificent garden…… remember to share the love and post a comment on how this may have inspired you, or better still, what you are going DO, because of it.

  • Melaney Schuster Bernhardt

    Absolutely beautiful! This is right up my alley….this is what the Institute of Integrative Nutrition is all about…food is so powerful, connective & spiritual! Thanks for posting….I’m going to share it with all of my IIN buddies!

  • Rivke

    Wonderful. He is doing such great work and getting so many others involved and educated in food and health is what it is all about.

  • Claire Abbott

    What a fantastic way to get your community involved, not only in looking after their health from being active & eating nutritional food, but also from becoming passionate about the area they live in :)

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