• Vashti Whitfield

    I’m an almost 40-year-old woman who has been a coach, facilitator and clandestine ‘wannabe’ writer for nearly 13 years. I have worked with clients all over the world, from senior level executives to dysfunctional, brilliant creatives, idea hungry entrepreneurs and hundreds of wonderful individuals, who have all come to me confused, curious and courageous enough to ask for help in how to find, create and honour their true vocations. I have supported, encouraged, coached and managed my husband from cripplingly shy to positively shining, and proudly stepped back to watch him confidently cruise the red carpet. I have fed, snuggled and loved my babies into school while feeling like my brain has been abducted by aliens and my body hired our as a milk farm. I have been privileged, for one reason or another, to have been shown what true love really means by experiencing births, deaths and marriages of which I have a certificate for each, and which has taught me how precious life is and that all we have is now.

  • My kids

    I am a mummy to two beautiful, tender, cheeky and hugely energetic kids. I love my children or my ‘cubs’ or ‘the littles’, as so many of you know them, with all my heart. Motherhood and indeed being a single parent is something that forces, teaches, guides and inspires me to be all that I can be and to work hard to accept the things that I can’t. My kids facilitate the constant reminder to be in the present, to not miss the moment and to try anything that brings you joy.

  • My childhood

    I had what you might call a rather diverse upbringing. As a child of the ’70s and a daughter of two people who desired to explore life without the constraints of their two very different childhoods, my parents bought a camper van and drove across land and sea, from the UK to India. My belief is that life is about chapters and my extraordinary childhood filled with colour, adventure and a fearlessness to explore, certainly paved the way for the unexpected experiences that life has and continues to share with me.

  • My schooling

    Onto my schooling and indeed some explanation for my appalling spelling and grammatical understanding of the English language! My mum, a keen anthropologist, thought that somewhere between the public and private system of schooling would serve us best, so she chose a Steiner school for my sister and I. Steiner’s philosophy that the head, heart and hands need to all be of equal importance in a child’s education, growth and development in the world for me is a worthy and very powerful way of developing human beings. Perhaps though my big, loud, passionate heart and my more than hugely energetic physical self, my hands on occasions overpower the more academic head in this trio.

  • The last 10 years

    I have run daily next to the ocean and felt the wonderful Sydney sunrays on my back. I have popped out two wonderful kids, who are healthy and happy little ones. I have seen my husband grow from a humble and shy engineer into a blossoming man and a successful and satisfied actor, happy with himself and who he was in the world. I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of people globally.  I have lived in several different countries, have a worldwide circle of truly beautiful human beings, friends and life long companions, and I not only live with my children in a beautiful, safe and free country, but have the opportunity to set down in multiple lands who welcome us with open arms and for that I am constantly grateful.

    But I have also had some of the loneliest and most challenging moments you could imagine. The kind where you have to dig deep to find that next step forward, about money, about love, about my relationship, about self worth and about loss. I have watched and battled alongside my best friend as we not only physically but also philosophically fought cancer. Then finally, and sadly, I said goodbye to my beautiful soul mate and husband in September 2011.

    Right now, I am taking life by the balls. I surf, I ride motorbikes, I am learning to play the piano and I am finally marrying my work, passion and purpose with the unexpected third child that is Maybe McQueen. I am creating a life that honours the legacy I would like to leave behind and the memories that will fill a book that will be unbearable to put down. I am learning to live without my man and working hard to make my actions as a single mummy, a widow, and a powerful woman be as inspiring as possible.

    So here I am baring all to you, a little broken, not quite as raw, one man down, but with the same passion, commitment and dogged determination that (Andy and I) have always had to live life to the absolute fullest!

    Nothing but love…