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Vashti Whitfield

Throughout her forty-something years, Vashti has lived, worked and breathed a life driven by her passion for exploring ALL that life has to offer. Her default mindset and overarching desire to provoke, disrupt and inspire by intuitively asking, ‘What is actually possible from any given situation?’ have her stand apart as a THOUGHT LEADER, STORM RIDER and CHANGE MAKER.

Her intuitive and fearless lust for learning, have transported her across the globe, with over 15 years as a highly sought after Executive Coach, facilitator, speaker and mentor and through multiple chapters of what can only be described as extraordinary, she has also co -created and supported her inspiring husband from cripplingly shy to positively shining, as he achieved the impossible and transitioned from shy Welsh Engineer, into a Hollywood heartthrob.  In 2011 however, profoundly and poignantly Vashti was invited quite literally to explore, embrace and redefine the MEANING of life, as she unexpectedly said goodbye to her best friend, husband and the father of her two gorgeous children, as he courageously and gracefully let Cancer be the catalyst to his next great adventure.

Vashti has passionately continued to honour the LEGACY of her gorgeous ‘other half’ in uniquely and courageously choosing to turn her profound loss into an equally incredible force and powerful catalyst to educate, transform and inspire others. To catch up on the lessons learned over the last few years or to grab a reality check on all that life has to offer,  you are greatly encouraged to visit the BLOG section of the site. You are also warmly invited to check out the soon-to-première BE HERE NOW FILM, the hugely inspiring documentary about life, love, leadership and legacy, the last and final commitment from a beautiful man to ensure that he leaves in his absence a reminder to all, that life itself is a privilege.

Vashti’s highly intuitive capacity for facilitating whatever learning forum is required to transition ‘stuck’ mindsets to new paradigms of opportunity is one of her greatest talents and a key driver in honouring that of her own personal legacy. She is fearlessly bold, ridiculously funny and will always leave you inspired to think, be and do life with a whole new perspective. Consider yourself warned, though: her spelling is diabolical, her sense of humour is completely inappropriate and her unwavering commitment to sniffing out the opportunity and potential in any given situation will, in equal parts, challenge and inspire you in ways you most likely have never experienced.

However you choose to work, connect or co-create with Vashti,  your experience will ALWAYS be one that leaves you inspired by your own potential, curious as to what else is possible and grounded in the knowledge that life and legacy are what YOU make them!

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‘If you are looking for someone to hold your hand, pat your back and to tell you everything will be okay, Vashti is not the one for you. 

Vashti will inspire and support you to not only change your life, but more importantly the way you THINK about your life. She is candid, inspirational and has a no BS approach. Through her very intuitive but highly structured coaching style, she inspired, delighted and rocket-launched me into wanting more out of my life and yet at the same time, taught me to have more gratitude for all that I have. If you want someone who inspires you to view challenge as an adventure, who will guide you to think in a way that utilises your mind as your best ally and who will swim beside you as you challenge yourself to dive deeper into learning how to think, be and live in a way that hones your potential, then Vashti is someone you should know. I am now the woman, leader and unashamed learner that I always knew I could be.’

Emma McRobert – Senior Management Consultant


‘When I read about Vashti’s life and story in a magazine article having just moved from US, I knew I had to work with her. The love and courage in which she framed the enormous challenges in her life inspired me to see my own life differently. I had recently moved around the world with my partner and changed careers. In just a few meetings she inspired me both honor the challenges of the present moment while simultaneously see all of the opportunities present within them. Vashti effortlessly helped me create a vision for my future that was far more exciting than I may have dared to create on my own and presented such easy and simple tools and steps to get there. She is intuitive yet wildly practical, intelligent yet works with huge heart. She has a way of understanding the complexities of our life situations but see a simple path through it without missing a thing. Her unique insight helped me see important connections between parts of my life and goals I had not realized were related and therefore their manifestation became much more possible. Her efficiency of thought helps you stop wasting precious energy on the types of thinking that gets you nowhere. Several months later the transformation in my life and career is huge and my meetings with her during this time grounded me in practical and positive steps while encouraging me to see and think in sometimes scary new ways. I would encourage anyone wanting to bring change into their life to step into a conversation with Vashti and be amazed by how much more opportunity, vision and possibility she helps to uncover. You will not only get where you want to go faster but experience one heck of a cool ride with Vashti as your co – pilot.’

Page Bartlet  – International Performance Coach


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