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As I sat down this morning to write a little post, I paused to think of what I most wanted to share and decided that it was high time; given my lack of time, to personally respond and give you a bit of 1:1 where I can.

It has been one crazy ride so far and when I look out into the community forming, I see a common thread, of high level intellectuals, cheeky boys, mad hatters, ( no offense intended) frustrated mummies, lost lovers and so many of us just wanting to live a life that is deeply meaningful and one that makes one hell of a read, as a heavy set book, sitting on the bedside table.

So I invite you to post your questions about life, anything that will give you and the others reading, some value in their exploration. It can be light, cheeky, inquisitive, deep, stuck or whatever has you feeling blocked in getting the most from your life.

The rules are, NO STORIES, NO, ‘let me just fill you in on my life so far etc’. Just a clear couple of lines please….e.g. I am desperate to change my career, but I am afraid of loosing income, status and what will happen if it is not successful….’ Everyday next week will be dedicated to answering one particular area in life…..

I would also like to warmly invite some of the more silent followers and recommend that you post under a different name so as to feel comfortable. Your e – mail addresses will remain confidential.

Please also consider that there are a range and age of readers so personal information need be kept to an appropriate level of detail. I also need to say at this point that I will only contribute where and what I think appropriate, within my range of experience.



  • Simo

    Cara Vashti,
    la mia angoscia in questo momento è dovuta dal fatto che per la mia ossessione di tenere tutto “sotto controllo” non riesco più a rimanere a galla e godere delle piccole cose!!! Un consiglio per favore….
    My anguish at this time is due to the fact that my obsession to keep everything “under control” I can not stay afloat and enjoy the little things! a word of advice please.

  • Irene Mitropoulos

    Hi Vashti, your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m currently a retail manager and I recently got an offer for another company. I thought long and hard and decided I needed change in my life so i need to give up my security that I currently posess. Today i was drilled for two hrs on why I should stay in this company and they gave me the guilt trip….I’m torn, I feel my decision was genuine and natural but now I feel bad to leave my current job because they love me so much. What would you do? Follow ur heart? Mind? Gut?

  • Rivke

    In the last 14 months, Ive seen so much premature loss of life, I have often asked the universe ‘why do sad and heartbreaking things happen to decent, wonderful ppl?’
    But then as the days, weeks and months pass, it all changes and then I’m in awe at how these ppl turn life around and take their life back and emerge these great strong ppl who just inspire me and I realise that even if I could take away their pain and loss, I shouldn’t because we all need to learn and grow and it helps us appreciated life.

  • Ruth

    Bought a house 8 years ago to ‘do up’ for retirement, last year husband got NHL & as a result has made me re-evaluate – I just want to enjoy life now, not spend hours on DIY. I’d like to sell house & buy something without as much work, so we can concentrate on each other & enjoy the times now & when he isn’t feeling crap. Am scared to tell him how I really feel, as he loves this house, but all I see is endless toil.

  • Jennifer M

    Hi Vashti, I am a stay-at-home mom and caregiver to a dad in the early stages of Alzheimers. I am torn between being there for them 100% because my husband works a lot and is out of town very often, and desperately wanting to do some kind of work, something that will make me feel fulfilled. It’s not that they don’t fulfill me, but children take, take, take, husbands sometimes do that too, and although I am ok with giving, I would like to give to myself as well. I want to have flexibility in what I do and be passionate about it, but I just can’t figure out what it is I need to do. I keep jumping from one idea to the next, and the days pass, then months, and years and still I rack my brain and have not gotten anywhere. I would appreciate any kind of advice that could help! Thank you so much!

  • Sally T.

    What are your thoughts on young adults leaving home later these days? I used to think I’d chuck my ‘middles’ out when they graduated high school (I left at 18 to start university in another city). But now one has graduated and I’m not in a hurry for him to be out permanently. Is that weird?

  • endlessly lost

    Hmmm…I would love to know how to become…me. I am inside this shell of a woman somewhere. Somewhere in this body is a woman who was vivacious, independent, artistic and positive. I don’t know where she went or how to get her back.

    • Susana Matos Nunes

      Hy “endlessly lost”. Read your post and like to say to you: don’t give up, go look for that woman! Don’t keep waiting, just go now! C’mon, you said she’s positive, vivacious…. Maybe If you do something that she really like, she came around…. Hope you get her back soon! 😉

      • endlessly lost

         Thank you Susana. I am trying.

    • Keira-Lee Dixon

      drowned under the tidal wave of domesticity!!! Thats where my old self is………
      I just need to remember and truly accept that I can attract that which I desire, if only I allow myself to…..

  • Tess

    One challenge I face every day is keeping my work staff engaged and motivated. Different personalities, different life experiences, and different mechanisms for adapting to change. We have a big change coming (new computer system). I’ve learned how to apply the principles of Performance Management, Motivational Interviewing, but what would you recommend for a diverse group?

  • Ryan Lee

    What do you do when all you want is a great love? I have never had one and I’m scared of rejection! Help I don’t want to be a crazy cat lady

    • Susan_Mangan

      I hear you Ryan. I find that all I’ve ever learned from love is how to hide a broken heart. In every other aspect of my life i am a strong, fearless, confident woman but when it comes to men – BIG fool!! How do you transfer confidence from one area of your life to the area that truly needs it?
      And like Ryan I also don’t wanna end my days with cats – bloody hate cats!!!

  • Cazza C

    Hi Vashti, I wonder how many of us mothers ferl
    Like this, life seems to passing by so quickly, I see my daughters growing up so fast and im scared of losing them, watching them grow up knowing how hard life can be, how do let go without seeming clingy or interfering or scaring them?

    • Rivke

      I feel this way. My boy turned 16 in July. He is growing up so fast, a young man now and he is such a good soul. I worry so much about how the world will affect him and I just want to always keep him safe but I know I need to let go a little. It’s not that I don’t trust him, I don’t trust the world and I just want him to have a better life than me. It is a tough one. :)

    • Stalker mom

      I so feel like this everyday i have a son that is 6 and a daughter that is 10 i rather have all the friends come to my house than them go up the street to theirs i call myself the” stalker mom ” i just can’t let them have some breathing room i want to stop and be like some other parents but it just seems to scarey for me

  • Camille

    Hi ! Speacking of frustrated mummies… 😉
    I have 3 kids and a working husband. My youngest daughter (3 years old) just got into school and I thought I was really impatient to find a job and live other experiences, far from home. But now here am I, and my daughter doesn’t like school so much, and I feel like she needs me.
    I keep change my mind searching in my head what is best for me : work and maybe regret it ? Or enjoy taking care of my children a year more when they still need it, but risk to feel useless… ? How make this kind of choice ?

    • Dilyana Konstantinova

      The children will grow up and take their path.They will always need their parents and we will responding.But we have to think for ourselves.

    • Rivke

      My sister is in the same boat. She asked me what to do. I said what will make you happier being at work every day while the youngest one is still young or spending one last year at home will your last child and making the most of the last time you will have a little one? You wont regret not working for a year cause you can always work but your last child is only 3 once. Remember there is an option to work part time and then stay at home with the child part time too. I hope it works out for you. But just do what is best for YOU.

  • danielle_b_28

    How do I stop being *so* self-conscious? :/ x

  • Raluca

    Since I’m an acting student, my question will relate to acting. By observing and actively accompanying Andy to become a successful actor, what do you think has made a difference in his pursuit of a career? What have been those personality traits and/or approach methods that have helped him to break through?

    In case you don’t want to tackle the Andy-area this time (which I’d certainly understand), I have a plan B question: In relating to other people, I often find myself short of an emotional response *from their side*. It’s a nagging feeling of “I care and they don’t”, which sometimes reaches the state of “I don’t matter to these people”. How do I deal with this feeling, and how do I make sure there’s not a real imbalance when it comes to my social interactions?

    Thank you.

  • Karen

    Hi I’m one of the silent followers ,each day for me is an endless battle .I live with cronic pain from spinal surgery and now more spinal problems .I own my own business , i have to switch off from my pain to deal with their problems ,to them i look fine but inside my back is screaming out .Every thing we do is guaged by how far i can walk or travell.I cry myself to sleep when hubby is snoring away .I just want to be myself again

  • Dilyana Konstantinova

    I am too emotional and sensitive.It does not help me.Selfishness is everywhere.Nobody cares about the other.Everything is mercantile.It is true that times are tough for everyone but ………

    • M

      You will find yourself. Try to live your way and don´t give up !!!
      Let this people behind you. Don´t eat there “bad food”, because it makes you sick. Prefer the “good one” and you will feel soon much better. :-)

  • Claudia

    Hi Vashti, i think my little problem is do not let myself go. every day is like a vortex of t”hings that must be made” and “person who expect something to me”, and i forget to ask myself “what do you really want, or need, today”?
    Hy beautiful Lady, thank you to be part of our life in a so total way!

  • Monika Wacker

    By the way, great quote from Plato! I printed it out and handed it to my husband and son!

  • mimi81

    want to change careers, and understand why i have been given this
    talent, and why i can’t seem to do anything with it…(why have it then???) life events and
    situations have always had a funny way of always coming up and standing
    in the way of what looked like a good opportunity to start expressing and sharing this talent. i’m afraid of
    changing countries to seek better opportunities (for example)…but most of all
    i’m afraid i’ll burst one day and send everything that matters…flying (love, friends, family
    etc….) if i don’t come out with a sense of having achieved what i’ve
    always thought i wanted to achieve through my voice and music.

  • Victoria Zasikowski

    A floodgate of ideas for new online business ventures has awakened & I can see exactly where all this can lead for me. It feels like a destination , not a dream, like it’s a place waiting for me to arrive at. When I think about all the work involved towards the arrival point, and the work that will continue to follow, I feel nauseous . Somewhere deep within there is a terror about what I am taking on. I am up to the task,I can sense the success, I am filled with confidence in my abilities to get there but I think of the workload/responsibilites involved and shake inside.

    • Dilyana Konstantinova

      every new venture is accompanied by concern but not risk not winning

    • Rivke

      Our lives would be so very different today if everyone who thought of a business or idea didnt do it because of the work load and responsibility. You sound excited and happy about the business so use that energy to check the negative energy, put those fears aside and get up and go for it. All businesses require hard work and lots of it, but you just take a deep breath and do it anyways because it will pay off in the end.

      GO for it Victoria!!

  • Naomi Duvall

    I am letting life pass me by. It frightens me daily but not enough to make the nec. changes. I am unhappy with the weight that stayed after my 3rd little girl. And I am letting it stop me from “Being Here Now”. My girls are growing oh so fast and I feel like I am here every step of the way but not really “HERE”. Raising 3 crazy girls, working full time, going to school, and being a great wife……..But I have left out taking care of myself…….

  • Patricia J Tibbits

    Vashti, as I spoke to you before via e-mail, I am still struggling with my past experiences, with my disfuctional childhood, depression & anxiety & weight issues, self esteem & self worth issues. I feel like I am a failure, because NO matter how hard I try to be happy, give my kids they love they want, to have them be able to hang out with friends, but can’t becaue I don’t have the money. I feel like my life is a mess. I try my best to be strong as possible for them, but since being a single mom, I felt I have loss myself, if that makes any sense. I used to love to write, photograghy, being a strong advocate for wome, children & even me that have ben through what my children & I have. I am just do depressed, but your blog does help inspire me, but there are days I just don’t even want to get out of bed. I can’t find work, I want to get a divorce from my b**tard, scumbag husband who in spending 40 years in prison, but I can’t afford to get one..ugh, I want to do so much, like expand my grorop I’m sorry I wrote so much, I’ll leave at that…SORRY. Take care, Patti. xx

    • Patricia J Tibbits

      What is the meanings of the options of “Vote down or Vote up’ mean excalty??

      • Rivke

        It is for you to vote on other peoples comments and for other people to vote on your comment. Its an optional thing, not a necessity.
        Vote down is if you think its a bad or negative post. There shouldn’t be any vote downs here. LOL
        Voting up is if you agree or like or support the comment.

        • Patricia J Tibbits

          I understand now & agree!! Thanks Rivke!

      • Mush

        I think it’s like & dislike, but I’m not sure:-)

        • Patricia J Tibbits

          Oh, I see..Thanks Mush :)

        • Patricia J Tibbits

          Ah ha, I see..Thank you!

  • valarie

    I need to learn how the forgive…it is blocking some many different areas of my life. How can i gain the power to let go/move on?

  • Rivke

    Why is it that sometimes the ppl who we are closest to and who should know us the best can know us the least and not just in the big ways because sometimes we can be closed off about our true feelings but even in the small every day things. How can you live with someone for a decade and they still don’t remember how you like your tea, or that you don’t like pies or that you are allergic to codine and it gives you heart problems but they still buy you cold and flu tablets with codine?? I mean is it just me?? Or is there someone else out there who can relate to this?

    • Rivke

      Sometimes a woman has to vent.

    • Theval68

      I also wonder about that…but have no answer.

  • Tara Wallace

    I’m afraid to fail! So I never finish anything I really want to do! I’m a mother of 3 boys, who’s jobless, turning 40 & no college degree. I don’t know what I want to do career wise! Do I go back to school or take a job I hate!

  • sandra james

    Hey…im 54..and not ashamed of my age…i do however live in the body of a 34 yr mind tells me the same..but panic from time to time….i dont want to conform to what should be…i also dont want to be mutton dressed as lamb….xxx

  • Stefan Heikel

    I have recenly been given great responsibility and I had been doing a great job although lately I’m struggling to keep up and take care of myself. I had my heart ripped out by someone I thought I could trust. Now things are settling down and I’m worried I may have damaged them permenantly.

  • Kat

    It recently dawned (with the help of a year of therapy!) that I am too scared of loss to allow myself to really fall in love with anyone. I loved once and the loss was such that I decided, age 22, to never let myself feel like that again.
    At 34 I’ve realised that although I’ve “protected” myself, was it worth it for what I’ve missed out on? I mourn for the experiences I protected myself from.

  • Begoña Garcia Diez

    Work, family, insecurities, accomplishments, ambitions. Modern societies bring us too many demands. I have a theory: Work to live, not live to work, enjoy the simple things in life, learn to laugh at the odds and make a continuous journey to optimism.

  • Susana Matos Nunes

    Hi Vashti,
    1º – at this momment my worry is about the situation my country is… My question is how will I live, what kind of life my children will have? I shall stay near my family or go to another country, with or without a job compromise?
    2º – people talk about guy couple… They should have children? Or is better for kids to be in institutions without love?
    3º – do you believe in life after death? Do we live only once? The things we can’t explain but know already without having there… Do you believe in coincidences?
    With a big kiss to you all. Specialy for the W family!

  • Madeleine

    Well, I have beautiful brown skin, and would like to overcome my fear of rejection so that I can do all the things I would love to do without worrying about what others may or may not be thinking about me. How can one build up their self esteem when they may have a physical attribute that society my view as imperfect sometimes?

  • Natalie O’Reilly

    wants advice on how to stay calm in the face of a horrendously hormonal teenage daughter who seems to have lost the plot – has an answer for everything and knows just which buttons to press!!! :/

    • Melissa Naatz

      I don’t know…. but  I  have a couple teenager I would like to give
      away! If you figure it out let me know….or if you want a couple more
      teenagers 😉

  • Stephanie Hoaglund

    I would love to talk about opening your mind to creating strategies to help you push through fear, pain, or the unknown that will help people get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    I seem to struggle most at that point of discomfort when it comes to certain situations – career changes, fitness training to name the two in particular.

    would love to hear your perspective!

    steph h

  • Alexis Carril

    Loving myself – and I mean truly understanding what I want, what makes me feel awesome, what inspires and gets me passionate – has been truly difficult. I thought I knew but it turns out overeatting, shopping and watching TV wasn’t it. Why is it so hard to focus on me and take care of my needs first?

  • madeleine

    Wow, just glancing through the comments from all the lovely “Maybe Mcqueen” brothers and sisters, and it seems like the number one issue we are all struggling with is FEAR. How can we all help each other overcome this? maybe by being a little supportive of people instead of instantly putting them down for trying……???

    • Melissa Naatz

      You are right.. fear is the biggest killer of who we want to be. What would life be like if we could not fear?

  • Tired Actress

    I am one of your silent followers too. My main struggle is trying to pursue my dream while struggling with the day to day struggles of managing a chronic illness from which I am still healing as well as all the responsibilities of being a wife and mother. I see time slipping away and yet the stage of healing I’m at has so many ups and downs (more downs lately) it leaves me depleted of energy to do very much.

  • Mx88

    Hi Vashti, I’m afraid I will never fall madly in love again + will end up all alone. Thoughts? p.s – I love your blog – your posts are so positive + inspirational. I hope you release a book! xoxo

  • Brenda

    how do I follow my passion if my husband thinks it’s not worth it? If it doesn’t make major money, it’s a “losing proposition”. I don’t have a business plan, I don’t know about business plans or marketing and can’t afford to hire someone to help me. So I resign…I have raised 5 children, cooked, cleaned, organized, done more than most, but still it’s never been good enough…How do I get unstuck???

  • M

    I live in the northern part of Germany and five days a week I bring my little one (5 years) to the Waldkindergarten.
    It´s a Kindergarten, but in forest. That means, that the little ones only spend there time outdoor, the whole year ! From spring to winter ! The children surrounded from fresh air, chirping birds, silence, a lot of different animals and everything (sludge) that keeps the mind and the body hopefully health.
    Every morning I recognize the special smell and taste of wood, earth and fresh breeze in my lungs, mouth and nose. BEAUTIFUL !
    This little kids seems to be so lucky, just with the feeling of “I am free, i am part of all that”! They just enjoy themselve, of course, as well their friends and this feeling of ” be here now”.
    Before I start working, I take every morning the chance to feel like my little son and just walk around with our dog in this beautiful forest. A lot of thoughts running through my brain and at least there is just one question.
    Isn´t it time for “don´t demand a great deal of requirements on yourself” and try to live your life whith the sense of child ?

    • M

      This is one of the favourite songs of my sons :-)

    • Victoria Zasikowski

      Wow, what an amazing place to send your kids. I don’t think we have anything like this in the UK.

  • Pam Stewart

    My son just split with his girlfriend and has moved back home…I love and so adore my boys…there are no words that can express a mothers love for her children as most of us know…BUT my very strong willed son with his young inexperience and haste sometimes does not always think things thru resulting in not making the best choices on his own behalf…and seriously fear this will drive a wedge between us at some point for I am not the most subtle in voicing my opinion when pissed off or upset when he makes bad choices and does not stand still long enough and gain perspective and does stuff without forethought or a plan. My parents let me make mine without interference…at the school of hard knocks BUT there were times I wish they’d stepped up and stopped me from some of the crazy s**t I pulled…and I’d like to help my sons make better, smarter choices then I did. Then again I believe peeps need to make mistakes and learn those lessons for they are more apt to remember them as I did…I don’t know…as a parent I think we all want to save our kids from such heartaches so not sure what to do…let him make those mistakes and mind my own business or advise accordingly when I think I can stop him from a little heartache or world of hurt…and let him get pissed at me but advise he’s been warned so what ever happens “its on you my son….good luck and be brave”????

    • Pam Stewart

      In short…where do we draw the line when our children become young adults?

  • KDee

    F E A R …… I can write it, say it , clearly feel it and I guess admit it but damn, I can’t take the first step to make a change to be more than I am, give more and graciously accept that I deserve a life change without the guilt.

    Such a pesky four letter word with a lot of baggage, ugh! I typically don’t post.. So perhaps this is my first step! Thank u Vashti

  • Rick

    I just wanted to leave my positive story. I had a big bike accident in march which left me with spine injuries and nerve damage, but I didn’t let it stop me, with reading ur positive blogs and the help from a friend of mine on Spartacus, I changed my life around. I lost 15 kilos strengthened my back, changed jobs, I am also having a son :-) plus I now have a short film in the works. All this just from positive words and a willingness to change and take risks. So thanks vashti for sharing your life and positive message with us all.

    • Susan_Mangan

      Congratulations Rick on all you’ve overcome and achieved to get to this point. You’re a true inspiration!! Best of luck with the film.

    • SnowWhite

      What a wonderful and inspiring story Rick! Instead of focusing on what you ‘can’t’ do after your accident and injury, you channeled ALL your energy into what you ‘can’ do, a lesson we can all learn from! Thank you for sharing your story xx

  • sarah

    I find that little problems that i used to moan about are nothing compared to what life throws at you…My dad has just been diagnosed with stage 4 non hodgkin lymphoma…and when you hear the words cancer you think…how do i cope with this…. how do i keep my dad positive ? its almost like you feel completly spaced out at first and dont know how to take the news…So instead i have been positive and just been there and live for now,,never taking anything or anyone for granted..sure you have bad days when you need to cry and feel likes its to much…….but tomorrow i will make it a better day…..I cant think ahead because i dont know what that holds..just take each day as it comes.

  • Sarah

    so i think my problem is i cant talk to people about how i feel……how can i expect my friends to really understand when they do not understand what cancer is because it hasnt effected them? i find some people dont want to know until its effected them?

  • Michaela

    My son (16) has Diabetes, my little (9)  a severe flu, my husband is no longer healthy and roars around just yet, my mother has multiple mylonom, my house has a water damage …… I think I’m going crazy …. see  no beginning and no end I’m turning in circles … and it does not stop, it’s getting worse

  • UnsatisfiedMind

    This is a though one Vashti, a ‘million dollar’ question: How much  control do we have on our relationships? How much power do we have in creating them or at least in having good ones..and how much is on the contrary due to chance?

  • AnnFace

    I find it incredibly difficult to make friends – not sure why, but I suspect its because I’m constantly checking myself for over-effusiveness, unfriendlyness, over-the-topness etc. I fear that whatever it takes to engage with people successfully is missing from my make up and it worries me…

    • Silent Follower

      I’m right there with ya.  I’m 43 and have no friends.  I’m serious, there is not one person in my life (really acquaintances)who has ever asked if I wanted to go shopping, grab lunch, go on a girls weekend.  Hell, just go golfing, for a walk, or anything.  I think it’s so hard to make friends.  I think I put  effort into it but then when I think I’m the only one making an effort I don’t try much anymore.  Why is it I have to do all the calling or keep the connection?  Am I not worth making time for? Am I not worth the effort? What more can I do?

      You mentioned what you think people would say when you die about you, I fear that the only people who would be at my funeral is family or my husbands friends. ..because I have none.  I do everything I can for people but no one has been there for me.  Why?

  • Kristin

    If fear is holding you back, BUT! you can invision yourself jumping.. (ALTHOUGH secretly trembling with fear and the unknown on the inside) …how do you know which aspect of your life to change first? Also, what is the link that connects desire and motiviation with actual change?

  • bert

    I can see it and know I can be successful (my successful) but how do I wade through the fog? 
    – a silent follower

  • Denise

    My husband and I are in our 60’s.  We have 5 children, all adult, all wrestling with their own challenges.  My husband -suffers PTSD and TBI from Vietnam.  We had been fully immersed in an all-encompassing family drama, filled with conflict, substance abuse,  sexual orientation issues, money issues and various sub-plots.  We were at our wits end and filled with fear, confusion and despair.  Do we finally take away the “safety net” and live out our life on our own terms, or do we stay in the drama until we draw our last breaths?  One night, over Chinese, I read aloud our 2 fortunes:  “Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain” and “Some people never have anything except ideas.  Go do it”  The Universe confirmed to us that we must follow our bliss.  We picked up, left the house to the kids, bought 5 acres in the woods and are living in a camper while we build our log home.  Miraculously, things have greatly improved and we are becoming the people we always thought we would be.  Our life lesson:  Face your fear and follow your intuition.  Namaste.

  • Sarah

    My dads hair started falling out tonight and then suddenly reality hit home when he called and he was quite scared…..i have offered to shave it off for him….its such a scary time and im trying to keep him positive but he says hes tired all the time……i hate cancer………what can possibly be worse then cancer.

  • Melissa Naatz

    Funny that you should put that in your post about starting a
    new career. That IS what I need to do and everything I fear each night I go to
    sleep. Is there ever a right time to blindly leap into the unknown?

  • Jenny

    Is it ok that I’m 27 years old and still don’t know what I want to do with my life? I want to be creative but need to go to some classes first to get better. I can’t afford to quit my job but I wish I could.

  • Vkennefick

    Just came upon you blog today, actually don’t really understand how, just marveling at how strong you are.  Me, always dreaming of being a writer.  You have shown me a positive, warm, funny and intellectual side of life with an attitude of just doing it.  Well, i believe that I am just going to do it and begin very slowly.  Thank you for your positive outlook on life.

  • Margherita

    I read this at the perfect time, the universe has its way. I will be 36 in a month. I worry I have to make a career change, I am a waitress/bartendar and teach yoga. I can’t do this forever, but I don’t know what path to take. I have no kids and never been married. Am I ok?

  • Sandy

    all life is a tunnel and both ends look the same from the center

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