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Executive coaching & mentoring

Vashti has coached energetically and extensively at executive and senior management levels, with a remarkable and diverse client base from celebrities to CEOs, working collaboratively to hone their ability to create a life and legacy aligned with their true potential.

Vashti is often matched with high-level individuals, for whom there is an absence of co-creation, support and training, but where having the partnership and accountability of a kick arse Coach is paramount to maximising inner leadership, professional success and the capacity to find purpose, passion and pride in all that you do.

Her great capacity to weave her vast knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, leadership and creativity, along with the hard and fast lessons learned from the school of life, coupled with her very inspiring, and occasionally annoying, propensity to keep asking questions that lead passionately away from self-limiting behaviours and galloping towards conversations of possibility, have morphed her into one of the most authentic, empowering and diligent coach’s you will come into contact with.

The Maybe McQueen Legacy program also offers a number of  leadership programs for charities, schools and institutions of education, where for whom, vision, direction and passion have become a secondary focus. The scholarship programs are also available to individuals and teams, who are directly responsible for passionately and positively influencing the great minds and big hearts of tomorrow. Find out whether you are eligible for the Maybe McQueen Legacy Program.


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‘I began working with Vashti, at a time where the clarity, direction and potential of my business, my career and my life had become a little stagnant and grey. Vashti’s dogged approach and inspiring commitment to elicit, define and clarify my wants, coupled with her strategic, creative and no BS Coaching structures, to help lock down an accountability structure, allowed me to shift, grow and really learn how to think, be and do life in a different way!

I would recommend Vashti to anyone and everyone who needs a strong force in their corner and the clarity of her perspective to let nothing stand in their way.

Victoria Barber – Business Owner, Fashion Buyer and Adventurer


‘I can honestly say that a few coaching sessions with Vashti have changed my life, and I’m not done yet!  I approached Vashti for some coaching during a difficult period in my career, having been prompted by my wife to “get some help”.  Within the first couple of sessions, she had put some simple, effective structure into my thinking about my life/career/future/family.  Within the next couple of sessions, she put me on a path to having the confidence to get a great CEO role that matches my values and aspirations.Vashti’s approach is very personal.  She has a freakish ability to ‘read the person’ and recognise the areas that need to be addressed.  I learnt about myself and how to tap into my inner peace in our first few sessions, and this has given me the ‘head space’ to be more creative, bold and open minded in how I approach difficult situations in work and life.  The power of positive thinking is truly amazing, and Vashti has some simple tools that helped me discover this obvious fact.I am based in New Zealand, so all my interactions with Vashti are virtual, but that hasn’t detracted from the value she has delivered.  I have recommended Vashti to other senior professionals juggling the many demands of competitive lives.’

Daniel McCarthy – Senior Executive



‘Working with Vashti brought me the clarity, insight and vision I needed to really take my business and life to the next level! The business has now grown and confidently become what I always knew was possible but just didn’t quite know how to get there.  Melbourne, New York and who knows what is next!

Vashti is a true visionary for all creative businesses and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business or individual looking for an external force to drive their people and their business to the next level.’

Ellie Hansen – Managing Director Ishimodo (Australia & US)

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