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Described as powerful, dynamic, sharp and intuitive, Vashti’s capacity to deliver, transform and occasionally but necessarily, disrupt the paradigm of thinking that is blocking creativity and opportunity, lend her expertise as a facilitator to any high level leadership or transformational program or workshop.

Vashti’s skill for designing, creating, constructing and facilitating whatever learning forum is required to transition ‘stuck’ mindsets to new paradigms of opportunity and abundance  is one of her greatest talents. She is fearlessly bold, ridiculously funny and will always leave you inspired to think, lead and perform with a whole new approach.

Co-creating & Co -facilitating

Vashti’s extensive expertise as a performance and leadership coach, a speaker and facilitator, combined with her 15 years in the coach – training industry, also deliver a solid and inspiring support structure and co – creative partnership to any Executive Coach training company, performance consultants and or learning and development departments, who seek to broaden their capacity to deliver transformational leadership programs.


Work with Vashti


‘Vashti Whitfield is the world’s answer to facilitating and coaching, as disruptive and talented as the HiutDenim company is to the world of Denim Jeans. Until now, no-one approached a craft like either of them. Her fearless, transparent and dogged commitment to uncovering what is possible, is completely and utterly unique…’

Anouk Darling Managing Director – Entrepreneur


‘I chose Vashti Whitfield as the executive coach to facilitate my ongoing professional development, after she co – led an Executive Coaching training program I had attended. I wanted to be challenged, supported and sometimes guided in how to transition from a  20 year career as a senior executive in the NFP sector, into establishing my own successful Executive Coaching business.

Vashti has a unique coaching style that combines her extensive business experience, along with that of her own remarkable personal journey, to create an authentic Coaching and Mentoring practice.   

She has a unique coaching style, that stretches you to think, explore and action, far beyond what you had originally thought possible.  Vashti imbues you with the confidence and self belief to chase big hairy audacious goals, that are worthy of your new found potential. 

I would highly recommend Vashti as a Executive Coach, Mentor and Facilitator! ‘

Penny Beeston – Director Strategic Options 

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