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Work with Vashti


Over the last twenty years Vashti has lived, worked and breathed a life driven by her passion to provoke, inspire and facilitate the transformation and development of human potential.

Vashti combines over seventeen years professional experience, as a highly sort after international executive coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator; along with her vast expertise in designing and delivering transformational coaching programs within organisations, agencies and businesses.

As fervent an advocate for self directed learning, as she is for inspiring the importance of leading by example, Vashti is also more widely known for her part in managing her late husband’s career, from shy Engineer to Hollywood heart throb; when he shot to stardom at the late age of 38, winning the lead role of Spartacus.

However in 2012 Vashti Whitfield powerfully and passionately chose to honour her inspiring husband in a very different way, after he unexpectedly passed away. Where she diligently and candidly began her courageous and compelling work in the area of legacy; as she utilised her own personal loss as a powerful catalyst to inspire thousands upon thousands of people around the world; through her writing, speaking and recently released feature film documentary, Be Here Now and her recently released book Spartacus and Me.

Her unique client base; which ranges from senior level executives to high profile personalities; from street level to suite level, from Australia to North America, personifies Vashti’s unique capacity to work, collaborate and facilitate in almost any arena, with almost any individual or team, who are willing to go the distance, to achieve the necessary results.

Vashti is also a highly active international speaker and presenter, published author and has been profiled, interviewed and quoted in wide ranging major international television, radio, print and blog press including Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, AOL Build, Sirius Radio, The Daily Mail, US Magazine, Associated Press,,, and



Work with Vashti



‘She’s never offered me an easy route or answers: what sets her apart in an arguably saturated coaching and facilitating marketplace is her ability to plug people into their own power source and allow them the access and space to forge ahead with a new awareness of their abilities.Vashti’s unparalleled collaborative approach to co-creating has always had me feel utterly and equally supported, challenged and empowered. She has been instrumental in my developing awareness of self-sabotaging beliefs and keenly supportive in the casting-off process, an essential step for growth. Professionally, my writing and editing projects have clearer tone and richer texture.Vashti’s ability to excavate excess and help you get to your truth is uncanny in the best possible way. If you’re seeking complicity for your self-limiting behaviours, best to keep walking because this woman is the real deal: she’s authentic, tuned in, turned up and she’ll forever change the way you walk your path whether you’re a top-floor executive or a stage-floor creative. Coaching is too pedestrian a term for what Vashti Whitfield does: she’s an alignment architect of the highest order!

Vashti is an extraordinarily rare mix of brilliance, intuition, humour and heart. She inhabits that amazing divine space where rock & roll and prodigious genius collide and she’s fundamentally altered the way I live and work.’

Sally Tubello – Producer, Writer and Performer



I sought Vashti out to gain the clarity and support required to make some critical decisions with regard to my business and of course as a result my personal and family life. Her unique insight, approach and vision to allow me to look far beyond the obvious and a little more at the BIG picture, provided me with not only all the answers that I required to move forward, but a whole new set of strategies and tools for leading, living and having far richer experiences in life. Vashti is sharp, witty and incredibly intuitive. No stone will be left unturned!’

John Preston – Founder and CEO Match Media


‘Vashti’s approach is very organic – she isn’t following a workbook or specific process and uses a huge range of tools from her vast experience, to tailor each session and create the best possible outcome for you.She did a fantastic job of breaking down several different areas that very much needed addressing and helped me to take a far more objective point of view with all aspects of the business and team. Vashti also encouraged me to look at my own achievements and take pride in them, which helped to gain greater confidence in my own ability as a leader. She is an inspirational and awe-inspiring human who will help you to gain perspective and equip you with the tools you need to thrive.’

Gwen Blake – Managing Director Boxer and Co


‘Working with Vashti I gained an enormous amount of clarity around how I was currently thinking and how that wasn’t helping me. In fact it was driving anxiety and overwhelm. Now I have strategies in place that help me examine my thoughts, consider them and then take a positive action.What is so unique and distinct about working with Vashti is her dedication to honesty and being real. Often Vashti would challenge me and how I was thinking, which was hard. But at the end of the process these challenges are what made the biggest shifts in my thinking.I would honestly recommend Vashti to anyone who has a big game plan in life and who perhaps feels stuck in their current situation and needs someone to help them break through a pattern of thinking or behaving that isn’t serving them! Vashti will challenge you, back you and give you 100%.’

Emma Sutherland, Natropath, Presenter and Author


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