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With my 41st birthday rapidly approaching this June, I have been doing a great deal of thinking about what I would like the next ten years of my life to be about. I guess the main reason for my relentless curiosity in exploring what this next decade may hold, is very much due to the the incredible insights of the last ten years of births, deaths, marriages, Hollywood and hospices (and everything in between) and whilst I get that it might seem completely overwhelming and a little bit bonkers thinking about a blueprint for your next ten years, when most of us reckon planning next year’s holiday is a major accomplishment, I still passionately believe that if  YOU allow yourself a little bit of creative playtime and a moment to begin a rather honest and inspiring dialogue with yourself, about how to get the most out of the wonderful and winding years ahead, then absolutely anything is possible. But before we take a look at how to go about mapping your next ten years, with this months new MMQLive and Learn exercise, I’d like you to ask yourself whether you are 100% willing to:

a) Have some real fun exploring the different chapters that you’d most like to see ahead

b) That you are willing to take the time to dig deep enough to acknowledge how you are most likely to stop yourself along the way.

c) That you will stop telling yourself what it isn’t possible before you have even take the time to explore what is.

Now onto this weeks juicy MMQ Live and Learn manifestation exercise. I’d like you to begin by thinking about your life as if it were book with the type of story that you would most like to read about, one that will inspire you, move you and challenge on more than one occasion, to view life from a different perspective. I’d like you to name the chapter headings for each of the ten years ahead and then take the time to expand a little on what the body of this chapter could be about.

However please don’t forget that regardless how clear and determined you may be, it is critical that you not only trust but truly honour the way that the Universe unexpectedly works, as it teaches us the all important lessons that we did not necessarily factor into our plan. At the end of the day, whatever the highs and lows, whatever the Universe throws at us, its how we choose to handle it, that will make a unique and wonderful story for a book you won’t want to put down.

Click below for this months Live and Learn Worksheets and remember, be generous and post your insights below.

1. A decade of Chapters – Worksheet 1

2. Chapter detail – Worksheet 2


Nothing but love…..

  • gisele

    Vashti sólo puedo decirte que te quiero y que espero poder escribir mi libro llenandolo de felicidad para mi futuro personal,gracias por como eres.Gisele.

  • Penny Douglas

    Thank you Vashti, very important and though provoking. Nothing but love to you too. <3

    • Stephen

      I agree Penny. Vashti always inspires and makes us think.

  • Laz

    Very important and tempting, I will try to do it , thanks , lots of love to you and the cubs….. :)

  • Rivke

    This will be fun and very interesting to do. 😀

  • Rivke

    2014 Leap ofFaith
    The year I’ve left an unhealthy relationship, will be moving into my own house,
    starting a new job and turning on all the lights I was either forced to turn
    off or turned off to please someone else.

    2015 On the road again
    This will be my year. I’ll be settled in my new life and doing all the things I
    love and enjoy. Doing all the things that make me happy. Rediscovering who I am
    and back on the life path that makes brings me peace.

    2016 Moving on up
    Taking the world by storm in my chosen field, lots of fire, passion and drive
    to succeed and grow and move up the career ladder. Start making some money to
    keep funding all my passions.

    2017 Room with a view
    I’m living in Europe somewhere, cafes, art galleries, walks along rivers,
    dinner with fabulous people, wine, lots of wine.

    2018 Forty is just a number
    Focus of the year is crossing things off my bucket list as I turn 40!

    2019 On the prowl
    Spending time working for the conservation of Tigers in India and Indonesia.
    Protecting this beautiful creature from the greed of man.

    2020 Party of One
    Learning to live on my own for the first time in my entire life. My son moved
    out to start his own life and now I must learn to be solo.

    2021 Conservation is Education
    Taking all I learnt in India and Indonesia bringing it back home to help educate
    the masses on the importance of preserving and conserving endangered animals.
    Getting the message out there.

    2022 Some work,some play
    Enjoying my career, thriving and flourishing and also having fun with my love

    2023 It’s a Jungle out there
    Back out in the wilds learning more about what I can do for the conservation of
    wild and protected animals. Followed by an African safari.

    2024 Home again
    A year at home focused on all my family and friends

    • Vashti Whitfield

      I want to read that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us installed on the current chapter and remember with out the bumpy bits… it won’t make quite such an interesting read!.
      Thank you for YOUR huge contribution, willingness to grow and for always always putting yourself out there. Inspiring!!!!!

    • Stephen

      This is fantastic and so inspiring. I have lots to think about in my next 10 years. I too would love to read this book

  • Daria

    Have been a bit busy, but very much looking forward to sitting down with the worksheet in the next day or two! Brainstorming/daydreaming in the meantime :)

  • Nadine

    WHO ATE MY TEN YEAR PLAN ? It was here yesterday and no it’s gone ….

  • Corinne

    Chapter 1 2014, I Started Something…
    Started volunteering in local school..
    Started teacher training….

    Chapter 2 2015, In-between Days…
    New house in good location, big enough for family, good sized garden. Fantastic views.. A home
    Poppy turned 16, had huge celebration for her.
    Oscar started school.. Happily and with sense of adventure.
    Amazing summer holiday abroad.
    I gained paid employment in the school.

    Chapter 3, 2016, The Walk.
    Do breathtaking South west coastal walk.
    Study, read, work, learn, grow.
    learned guitar and played with Poppy.
    Holiday in South France, showed kids where I misspent my youth!

    Chapter 4, 2017, The Graduate
    Great job. Humour and happiness.
    Good income. Purpose.
    Family holiday to Florida.
    Poppy’s 18th birthday bash.
    Learn Makaton sign language.

    Chapter 5, 2018, A Novel Idea
    Wrote and illustrated children’s best selling book..

    Chapter 6, 2019, Getting Animated
    Tv series based on my book.
    Academic work published and researched into play based therapy.

    Chapter 7, 2020, Something Spicy
    Travelled to India and learned to cook an authentic veggie curry. Poppy turned 21!

    Chapter 8, 2021, Movietastic

    Teamed up with Disney for adaptation of latest book.
    Jonny Depp starring role as aging pirate 😀
    Eden turned 16 on Christmas day, spent it on a gorgeous beach in Australia.
    Established Children’s Charity.

    Chapter 9, 2022, Reflection
    A year off. Spent quality time with my family.
    snowboarding in Canada.

    Chapter 10, 2023 Nifty Fifty
    Celebrated 50th Birthday in style in an Elvis jumpsuit in vegas. Had facelift and boob job and purchased a flashy sports car, luxury pad.
    Increases my voluntary work to compensate for my ostentatious behaviour.
    Fun but with a conscience!
    Wrote memoires.

    Yeh! I did it! Very tongue in cheek towards the end but found the process very enjoyable and cathartic. Loved the future retrospective angle and let my imagination run riot once I got started… Could and will include and possibly edit some of the decade. Didn’t even mention my fling with Brad Pitt!

    • Carolyjavi

      Good book! I want to read it!! Well done Corinne, kisses from Spain

    • Stephen

      Excellent and inspiring. Great reading. Well done Corinne

  • Carolyjavi

    Here I go !! ( sorry for my english and I have tried to have a little bit of fun while writting, although that’s how I would like it to be…..)
    2014: I believe in me
    This is going to be the year that I will learn to believe in me. To start enjoying my precious life, always with my beautiful husband and my little boy. The year that I say thanks for being healthy and having a job that allows me to give everything my little boy needs. Negative thoughts are forbidden and I will increase my circle of influence with positive people that support me.
    2015: live, love and learn
    From september 2014 my boy will go to the school so I will enjoy his new friends (they will be together till they start University) and I will continue watching how he grows phisically and intelectually.
    Live, love and learn: I will continue loving what I do and see, my goal is having more willpower so that I don’t give up everything I start (for ex. gym)
    2016: New job? New life?
    I will be 40 in 2016, so new decade for me…
    It will be a decisive and important year at work. I hope i continue working in the same company, but if I do not, I will have learnt that everything happens for a reason and maybe it is my opportinity to start a new business, the one I have always wanted and in the place I have always liked.
    2017: Yes, I can
    Finally I decide to take the money from my dismissal because my last job was very stressful. I will start studying where to stablished my business, a bakery where you can do your own cakes. I have always wanted to live abroad and lately I love Sidney where I good friend lives 😉 so I start taking english classes to improve my english.
    2018: I am a businesswoman
    I start my new business, a bakery where the only thing I have to decide is making a chocolate cake or a vanilla one :-))
    2019: Good election
    My boy is still at the school I chose and now I realize that the election (that has been really difficult for me) was the best one. I am still studying english and my bakery works so well that we decide to travel to Sidney to see if we can start a business there. It will be a bakery and Spanish food where all MMQ community are invited to go!!
    2020: making some money
    My busines will work soooo well that I will take one year free to travel. I will overcome my fear of flying and I will fly as far as I can
    2021: Enjoy our time
    My boy will be 10 and i will continue enjoying making cakes, cupcakes and travelling all over the world!!!
    2022: be here now
    I will realize that believing in me and being here right now, living and loving my life, without fears has made me a strong woman
    2023: Come back home
    I will live between Sidney where I enjoy running and swimming at Bondi Beach in the summer and Madrid where I supervise my bakeries and live the rest of the year

    • Corinne

      Cheers! I want to visit your bakery yum! Xx

      • Carolyjavi

        Thank you Corine!! Xx

    • Stephen

      Excellent, love the chapters of your book so far. Would love to read more. Very inspirational. I need to write some things down for my chapters.

      • Carolyjavi

        Thank you Stephen. Write down your chapters, it is funny when you read them…

        • Stephen

          Yes Carolyjavi, I’m working on it now. I have chapters and some ideas that I need to bring together

  • Martina

    14 First real
    working experience

    15 Study
    abroad. Destination Australia

    16 End of the
    student status, end of an amazing life chapter

    17 Career. Marriage.

    18 Kid? A big
    Unknown. II

    19 Marriage,
    house, kid? A big Unknown. III

    20 All good
    habits rooted

    21 Good time
    management = happy family

    22 Experience
    it once again with the kids. Time together, trips, discovery of life

    23 Bringing
    up the children in harmony, relaxed way

    24 Achieving
    life fulfilment? Career?

    14: developing abilities: time management. WAKING UP EARLY,
    dealing with tasks one by another – small steps to achieve a bigger goal,
    consistency, being organized = I can juggle more achtivities/duties. Most of
    the duties are not duties – I do them because it makes me feel good (clening
    the apartment, doing the shopping because I like fresh food served in a healthy

    15: Last chance to study abroad. I CAN do it. I will finally
    set myself clear about the possibility of moving to seaside in the future. Is
    the climate really that important to me? Where would I move to? No more shy and
    quiet. Become more open to other people, learn to make the first step and talk
    to a stranger. More self-confidence. BIG experience – exploring Australia,
    studying interesting subjects at the university, nice weather all year.

    16. Finishing university. Thesis about an interesting topic
    – this will finally come into fruition, yay! This thesis might help the whole
    country! Repeat the success from my
    first graduation and get some good marks for the hard work.

    17: Marrying my gorgeous boyfriend. Seeing together all
    people that I love.

    18: Building up together our life in two. Exciting new
    chapter, with its ups and downs but we can rely on each other so it is a
    fulfilling battle with the everyday problems. We grow stronger and stronger and
    learn how to juggle things and work as a couple to prepare a good environment
    for a child to come.

    19: We become a beautiful family. I see a bit of change in
    mind-set here. Family, especially the child, is now number one thing. We help
    each other.

    20. I acquired new habits. Having a child tought me how to
    spend time effectively. I enjoy for the second time in my life discovering the
    world (through the eyes of the little one).

    21. Back to the beginning. I continue working as a
    freelancer. Good client base, I like my job. Strict on myself about dividing
    work and personal life. We go to the seaside for the summer holidays, rent a
    house there. We work from there. Very refreshing time of the year.

    22. My husband is a great dad. We like being active. We take
    the child(ren) for trips and enjoy the time spent together.

    23. Achieving satisfaction from how we manage to bring up
    the kids. I enjoy taking care of the house and our big garden. I plant a lot of
    flowers (and I am good at it!). We like to invite friends for dinner. I improve
    immensely my cooking skills. I also buy me a new horse. This time a competition
    horse, my dream!

    24. I compete in dressage with my horse. Low level
    competitions but it makes me so happy. The kids like animals too so I sometimes
    take them with me. They spend a lot of time outside. I start my day early in
    the morning to do some sport and wake up myself before starting to work. I work
    by a table in the garden if the weather allows me to, with a view of the

  • Miya

    I love the idea of a book, will do it after my tests (the next week, don’t feel ready….) and share it

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