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Ugh, I’ve officially packed, pushed, jumped, climbed and lifted way too much and have what seems is my annual flu type thing. So sitting on my rear in the living room, having cancelled my clients and bracing myself to go get the cubs, I decided that what I would most like, is a big cuddle with my man. One of those snuggles that you once perhaps received from your mum when you were sick, which sadly no longer happens now that you are all grown up and is certainly not on the agenda, with the two little cubs who will soon be home and roaring loudly with their Friday – exhaustion.

So given the fact that I am not about to rest my chest above the lovely heart beat that was, which by the way I am peacefully okay with, I chose to go with the next best thing, which is to reach out and grab one of my many books off the shelf and begin reading through some of the gorgeous messages that are scripted at the beginning of so many of our books,  that document yet another great little adventure that we were about to embark on and that remind me of how wonderful life is, if you are willing enough to occasionally hang out  in the ‘unknown’  (as I am very much doing right now) and trust that wherever you end up, is EXACTLY where you are supposed to BE.

Message from AW in Here is New York  – which he bought when we returned from NY after Sep 11 2001

I guess the underlying message today from this rather feeble post is that however absent love may feel, it is never far away and that as I look back at the amazing chapters and life I had and indeed have, with this beautiful and adventurous man and the amazing legacies he has left behind, I feel grateful for the time we had, the time I have and the daily reminder, that all we have is NOW …..



…..and as the tattoo reads that runs up my rib cage, designed specifically to amuse who ever gets to look after me, if I make it to super old and super wise….or if I need a little help, unexpectedly along the way.

You only get one life, so smile please.’












Nothing but love…. and if you haven’t ever listened to him, or hung out with him for a while, be sure to take the time to spend an hour with the legendary Otis Redding … these arms of mine…and enjoy


  • Rivke

    Loads of love to you!

  • Joanna Crawley

    So I was working at my pc and I stopped to read what you had to say today Vashti. And now I am sat here with Otis Redding playing on Youtube at my pc as I type this. You ARE changing the world. Your words as always make the difference. If it was not 10.28am (UK) I would pour a wine but anyway cheers to you and your man xxxx

  • karina


  • elke

    A day off. 11:48. In Zurich, Switzerland. I read your post, and get goose bumps all over. … I sit here since 20mins to put my feelings into words. Doesn’t seem to work now. But I’m sending you a warm hug, and a thank you for your post.

  • Liisa

    I do not know why, but every time I read these creeps in the corner of the eye with tears <3

  • Jochen Schmiedbauer

    Thank you for the nice words Vashti and for the great pictures of Andy! All the best and keep that positive spirit!

  • mimi81

    sending love and light your way for this next chapter you are ready to embarque on! Thank you for the post, it’s absolutely beautiful :) and inspiring :) we’re all sending you a humongous hug of international love and gratitude!

  • Denise, Amsterdam

    Ha Vashti , beautiful post! Love the handwriting of AW…. It must mean a lot to you having those messages in books, really good example for me. Listening to Otis a lot lately, here is Love Man (heard it in my guilty pleasure movie Dirty Dancing and love it 😉
    Get well soon, Love from Holland, Denise

  • Penny Douglas

    Beautiful post, Beautiful words, Beautiful story, Beautiful pic of Andy, Incredible and sweet in ever way. <3 <3 Enjoy your trip dear and keep playing some feel good tunes to soothe the soul! :)

  • Juliana Choe

    It is 7:10AM in Washington DC and what a great way to start the day with not only your lovely message but with pictures of Andy!! I find being grateful regardless of what curve balls life throws at me keeps me properly balanced…Hope you feel better soon and have a great trip!!

  • Ramonita

    Love reading your beautiful blogs Vashti! To be able to feel a little love that you and Andy shared is amazing!

  • Gina

    Always enjoy reading your posts. You have a way with words, a gift.
    I love, “where ever you are that’s where you should be.” Thank you!

  • Stephen

    Dear Vashti, Thank you for sharing these intimate portraits of you life with Andy. I wish I could bring Andy back to you. What a wonderful photo and words. I hope you have a safe trip and feel better soon. Enjoy the memories and allow yourself to grieve.

  • Sally T.

    I think this beautiful message is anything but feeble, Vashti. So often when we go through big shifts in life, there is a release in the body (flu, if you will) which, I think, is our physical way of also ‘cleaning house.’ Resting, healing, rebuilding, nesting…great guidance for any and all of us navigating obstacles this week. x

  • Teresa

    Beautiful words as always, thank you for sharing ” once again” your wonderful life and photos with Andy… And hey Vashti we would love to more photos of YOU N ANDY :-)
    Rest, recoup, have a wonderful weekend with your cubs…much love from Arizona… Best known as the
    ” arm pit of Hell” this time of year!!

  • Laz

    Already in my desk at my office ,and I always check for a new post, you love history it’s so beautiful and real and Andy was a sweet and lovely human being ,you are very lucky to have him. Vashti I wish all the best in you trip and always remember the wonderful work that you are doing for us. a life changer you are . lots of love for the Whitfield family

  • Daria

    You are amazing. Your words always touch the heart. Hope you feel better, sometimes the universe forces us to take “me” time….could come in form of flu And what a sweet note from Andy, I can see you two complimented each other. It’s a beautiful thing <3

  • Claudia

    This post just made my week 😀 thanks for sharing and happy you found love so good and sweet. Otis Redding is my love now. Great day

  • Carolyjavi

    YOU are changing the world dear Vashti!!! At least my world lol… Since I know you and read your posts I try to live my life to the fullest, trying to think positively and I think you’re helping many other people. Thanks for sharing more pics of Andy, I love seeing them. I wish i could go to Sidney and give you a big hug!!! Who knows…maybe some day!!! Get well soon. Kisses from Spain

  • Leah (Just Me Leah)

    Once more, the words you craft bring me to tears. I’m menstrual and it’s easily done, especially when one has a gift like you do. Sending internet squidges. x x

  • Shirley Mortimer

    god bless you and the little ones Vashti. Thank you for sharing such a private part of you life. Andy will never her forgotten. You are changing the world, as always thank you for the wonderful post. Love from Canada

  • Cat

    Thank you for sharing these personal chapters of your life, and letting us constantly learn and continue to grow ourselves with every post you write to us/the world. You have a beautifulamazingwonderful way of honoring the memory of your husband here. And you are changing the planet, one page at a time. :)

  • Eri Ichida

    Thank you so much
    for inspiring us as always,Vashti. what you do and Andy has left is legendary. im
    really grateful that you and Andy consistently remind me what a human being is
    capable of and what we could become with the power of will based on love and gratitude.
    Also,thank you for being sucha great life coach. im right in the middle of manifesting
    one of my biggest dream and its coming great.feel better soon and have a great time.wish I could take
    your pain away. Sending lots of love,gratitude and happy energy your way from sunny Kyoto,Japan.

  • Serena Fanti

    Oh yes so now I know that loves can takes you wherever you want . And yes now more then ever , I do know that Andy was born to leave his legacy and to be an angel ….
    Lucky you to become part of his life ….
    If you look at his eyes you can see the good in it . This is why God needed him!

  • Kate

    Witaj Vashti:) Czytam i czytam a łzy same napływają do oczu.Piekna piosenka, piękna Ty , piękny Andy:))

    Dopiero przed tygodniem dowiedziałam się o Was, o Tobie o Andym. Przeczytałam chyba wszystko co było w internecie na wasz temat! Tak mi szkoda, że ta piękna historia musiała mieć takie zakończenie! Modlę się za Andiego, za Ciebie i wasze dzieci:) Z miłoscią Kasia:)

  • Kate

    Vashti Hello :) I read and read and tears coming to the eyes themselves. Beautiful song, beautiful you, beautiful Andy :))

    Only the week before I found out about you, about Andy. I read almost everything that was on the internet about you! I’m so pity that this beautiful story had to have the ending! I pray for Andy, for you and your children :) with love Kasia :)

  • millie

    Absolutely lovely Vashti. You remind me to smile.
    Love and kisses from Argentina

  • #Ccat#

    Just three little words “Thank For Everything”. xxx

  • Gina Thompson

    Beautiful Vashti, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Thank you as always for the eclectic way you have of expressing your thoughts which we can ALL relate to. At my office we’ve experienced 3 deaths in quick succession since the year began bringing us closer as we come to the hard to deny realization that our time is ever so limited.

  • Gina Thompson

    So…… not to dampen the mood…..but I recently found out that one of my best friends who currently resides in Trinidad has the human form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and she only has six months to live. I keep crying sometimes just because of something that I remember about her or just thinking about her three children and what hell and utter devastation they must be going through and I feel so helpless. And then I’m reminded by this very incident that life really is fraught with unexpected events that you could never plan for. I mean it hit me like a freight train when I heard that she is now bed ridden and unable to speak completely and she and I talked so often and shared so many things. Anyway I don’t wanna ramble on and on but just needed somewhere to vent, and coming here always feels like coming home. Incidentally I love Otis Redding song. Thanks Vashti for being the dear sweet wonderful woman you always are.

  • Mascha

    So many emotions as I read this. I actually have tears running down my face. Each time I stop on your posts to read, I get this way. I lost my bestie friend 3 yrs ago. We were (are) soul friends for over 20 yrs. Hanging with her was bliss. She died suddenly and unexpectedly and when that happened I felt my breath leave my body. It took 2 yrs before I began to feel alive again. All that to say… Now, I’ve come to feel that my memories of her carry a kind of presence in me that helps to propel me forward. I think of her, then realize I’m smiling. I connect with so much of what you write on your beautiful blog. Often The tears come when I’m reading, but it feels good because there’s a little more of letting go and acknowledgement each time. Best wishes to you Vashti! Thank you for sharing your journey!

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