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When I began Maybe McQueen in 2012, after experiencing the most extraordinary decade that I could have ever imagined, it was with the sole intention of sharing a story or two that might possibly inspire you to explore what more life has to offer, with a view to embracing the ups and downs of life’s journey and the opportunities that a bumpy old ride often invites.

As Maybe McQueen has grown and evolved, so too has my need to co-create with other storytellers who share a common vision of embracing all that life has to offer and who care enough to share and therefore support, inspire, motivate and move those who are feeling very much alone on their journey.  I’m drawn to many different forms of creative media, like film, that have the potential to grab you and shout loudly and passionately, “Look…there is more to this than meets the eye and if you open up to the gifts in all, anything and everything is possible!”

For me, storytelling is, in the great words of a dear friend, a ‘connection tool’ that allows us to break down barriers, inhibitions and fears and helps us to identify, accept and ultimately be open to experiencing challenge in a very different way. It highlights that we are not alone in our experiences and are fully capable of making a difference IF, and it’s a big IF, we are just willing enough to share the journeys and insights gained along the way and be a part of a wonderful collective that makes a difference.

So, what follows is the very beautiful trailer from René Eckert’s short film of which will be released later this year. Where Shadow Becomes Light is my story so far and an invitation, from me to you, to explore life, love and loss. It is a wonderful and timely summary, I guess, for where I am emotionally and philosophically, nearly two and a half years later…

If you have a meaningful story that might inspire, move, support or educate in some way, we would love to hear from you.

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  • Alma

    Hi Vashti,
    congratulations for what you have accomplished so far and what will follow.
    you’re a wonderful woman, a wonderful mother and a
    special human being that help others through your tips and through your
    Thank you that you showed me the way to see life beyond the
    barriers, to cherish all we have when we have it and enjoy what life offers us.
    I wish you all the best, and i can wait to see the movie and other posts on the blog.

    with gratitude,

  • millie

    Beautiful. Such a strong soul

  • Kristin

    Vashti, how absolutely exciting! The trailer is beautiful…and well done! I look forward to seeing the rest in its entirety!

  • Carolyjavi

    Dear Vashti looking forward to seeing the whole work. It is so exciting to see you and hear you, your voice brings me peace and your words wisdom and inspiration. Kisses from Spain.

  • Helga

    Thank you, Vashti… Thank you for being here with us for a so long period of time, thank you for sharing your heartbreaking experience… I’m following your story from the beginning and keep doing this now. I was waiting for the story of a broken butterfly, now I am waiting for the story of fearless lioness… Now I am waiting for both stories… For me, the first story will be about how the phoenix died, the second will be about the rising of phoenix from ashes… Andy died and it seems unbelievable that it will be 3 years in this year as he passed. But what meaning in the word “passed”? He passed or just receptacle could not stand the great spirit and collapsed under its onslaught. Its a great secret for everyone… But I see that the phoenix is rising… Your love, how both of you inspired each other is forever… Now you inspire us, as he did… Sometimes I feel big emptiness in me heart, life bites very much, but I remind that I know, maybe not in real life, but in some case, one powerful and great women, which stands for the end… I will be do so as you… Thank you for being here and now, we are all love you and waiting for your inspirational stories, I hope that I will see them in this year… xoxoxo

  • kris

    Vashti, i think this film featuring your amazing and adventurous life, as well as the be here now film with Andy’s story will be influential to so many people and remembered for lifetimes xxx

  • Stephen

    Hi Vashti,

    Yes, I agree with what you are saying. We just all need to find that path. For me, when my parents died, after living with them for 43 years, was a life lesson, as it still is today. I find challenges nearly every day living without them. They were a huge part of my life.

    Will this film be available in the USA? When do you expect its release date?

    Hugs always,

  • Vicki

    That was beautiful looking forward to the rest…….

  • Rivke

    Id love to share my story but it seems to be more like a long saga starting when I was very small. But who I am because of it is amazing.

    I love peoples stories. It adds so much perspective and thought to my own journey.

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